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It is a new view of enjoying a cup of coffee.

For over 30 years, Global Coffee, Ltd. has produced coffee while helping the world.  With each purchase of its beans, a village is rebuilding its community. The coffee beans for the organization has made agreement with farming communities that the sale of the beans will be through Fair Trade.

The goal for the Fair Trade is sustainability.  Trading to help build a community globally.  Over the past few months however, it has been recognized that a few farms the company has dealt with were not practicing fair trade.

Our goal in the upcoming months is to rebuild our reputation as being the number one coffees grower whose sales are helping others around the world.  Sharing stories of members of the communities we help will be featured once a month.  Also, we will feature stories about the people within Global Coffee, Ltd.  who make a difference in the organization.

fair trade organization

global coffee
Global Coffee, Ltd. Building communities one bean at a time.







Global Taste




Fair trade is a purchase of a product which in turn assists an organization from around the world.  To purchase a product with the Fair Trade label, it is to improve a community’s day to day life.  (2016) What is Fair Trade? Recently, it was discovered that one of Global Taste’s bean suppliers may not have been purchased from farmers through fair trade as the company claims.  The goal is to rebuild Global Taste’s reputation and consumer confidence through social media outlets.

The first goal for Global Taste to regain its reputation will be through a “show do not tell” social outlet.  First, admit it’s wrong doing but also re-focus on the communities that the purchase of Global Taste bean sales affects.  Create daily tweets featuring how the business is returning back to business of purchasing beans only from farmers who practice Fair Trade.  Each week, feature a community where funding is assisting that community.  A story of a resident of the community can be placed on the Facebook page and show how their life is being changed through Fair Trade.

With each monthly blog, feature an employee from Global Taste traveling to the community that is being served through Fair Trade donations and working with the residents of the community.  The goal of tweeting, regularly posting on Facebook and creating a monthly


blog displays the human side of Fair Trade and refocuses on the positive impact working with farmers who work with Fair Trade communities places a positive twist to a former negative story.  Showing the way the company is giving back to the communities by having employees become actively involved with the community members adds impact.  The goal is also to persuade others to become involved in rebuilding communities by purchasing from Fair Trade companies.

  • Show don’t tell how the company is getting back to its belief in helping others through the sale of its coffee.
  • Speak human, the audience purchases when they believe that the purchase is going to help others.
  • Bring back the personal side of the brand.  The consumer want to believe that their  purchase of Global Taste is for the good of others.  Share who is enriched through the purchase of the coffee.
  • Focus on offering resources rather than creating a sale.  Get back to the original belief when forming the organization, to help other communities.
  • Most important, apologize and say thank you for believing in the organization once again.





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Global Coffee Press Release





Coffee, ltd.


Bringing back Global Coffee through Fair Trade and a Tweet. 


Portsmouth, NH, March 25, 2016- Latest tweet from Global Coffee, Ltd.  “It is our company’s goal to rebuild a community through a savory cup of coffee.”

It has come to Global Coffee, Ltd.’s attention that the coffee beans originally farmed to help communities build and rebuild their communities is not being used for Fair Trade communities.

“The fact that the beans are not utilized toward Fair Trade has not been Global Coffee, Ltd.’s goal.”, says company President, Jordan Shepard.  The company is working towards revising its selection of only working with farms who agree that the coffee beans raised for the company will work towards good.  The purpose of Fair Trade is to give back to communities to help them grow or rebuild.

Tweets, Facebook pages, Instagram pages will feature a different profile of the various people who live within the communities.  The goal is to show customers how their investment of purchasing Global Coffee, Ltd.’s beans is being put to global use.

Global Coffee, Ltd is a company devoted to farming and coffee beans which will in turn help communities from all around the world to grow.

Contact Information:  Jo-Anne Lucas, Communications Director, Global Coffee, Ltd.

PO Box 606. Portsmouth, NH 606-03801, 603-555-1212


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